"I have been a member Agent with the Agents at Law Club for 3 months now.   I thought I knew a lot about "Rights and Freedoms" before I became a member.  I have learned more in the past 3 months than I learned in my past 3 years.  I wanted real teeth to enforce "their laws on THEM" and finally I have learned how that is done.  It's no secret that knowledge is power and success in the Club is no different.  The knowledge you receive from the collective group has given me the power to stand in court and actually know what a judge is trying to do and know before a witness testifies what he is going to say when I ask him questions that prove my innocence.  I, like everyone else have seen the radical actions of some in a courtroom that cause pandemonium trying to prove their "rights and freedoms granted them the Constitution."  I've learned ways that are peaceable but yet extremely powerful.  Becoming an Agent has truly freed me from the slavery that we experience everyday in this corrupt system.  I will say that success however comes from within.  I am currently involved in 4 court cases and extremely confident that in all 4 I will come off victorious because of the knowledge I have acquired from being an Agent at Law.  Knowledge is Power.  Join the Club.  Become Powerful and enjoy TRUE FREEDOM."
P.S.  I will be happy to talk to anyone that reads my testimonial and has questions about anything I am saying.  
                                                                                                                                                    Agent Craig


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