AGENTS AT LAW CLUB Members Follow a simple peaceful and learnable process to being Free, which will allow us to protect ourselves and our Family:

  • Learn and Teach The Art of not self-incriminating.

  • Learn and Teach The Art of encouraging others to act honorably.

  • Learn and Teach The Art of finding common ground so as to avoid conflict.


  1. Each of us must clearly , KNOW WHO WE ARE, an Agent of God First and an Agent of Man second.

  2. Each of us will be stronger as which will help each of us protect our own.

  3. Each of us must become a Free Agent who integrates with The Legal System .

  4. Each of us must master the concept of to be able to navigate through the Legal System without harm to ourselves or others.

  5. Each of us must comprehend the BASICS OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM/COMMERCE SYSTEM to keep those systems Honest.

  6. Each of us must be a Free Agent and Club Member in order to be able to ASSIST EACH OTHER IN COURT AND OTHER LEGAL MATTERS.

  7. Each of us can only PROVIDE TRAINING TO CLUB-MEMBERS WHO ARE FREE AGENTS and not property of the State.

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